Lead Agency & Collaborative Applicant

The Volusia/Flagler County Coalition for the Homeless (VFCCH) is an administrative agency designed to procure, distribute, and monitor grants and other funding, and to provide oversight to agencies in the community who provide direct services to the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

VFCCH serves as  the Lead Agency, Lead Agency for HMIS (Homeless Management Information System), and Collaborative Applicant for the Commission on Homelessness for Volusia & Flagler Counties (FL-504 Continuum of Care). It provides assistance and guidance in planning, coordinating, and applying for federal, state, and local funds, facilitates various bureaucratic activities of the CoC, and monitors the implementation, activities, and outcomes of direct service-providing agencies according to various rules and regulations set forth by HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), state and local rules/regulations, rules defined within the grants themselves, and various public policies regarding homelessness.

VFCCH also conducts community research and is the primary agency responsible for coordinating and executing HUD’s annual Point-in-Time.

For more information on the Commission on Homelessness for Volusia & Flagler Counties (FL-504 CoC), please visit www.vfcontinuum.org

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