What is the Point-in-Time Count? 

A point-in-time count takes place during a 24-hour period during which volunteers are sent into the community with surveys ready to be filled out by every homeless person that is encountered. These surveys are then combined with data taken from the HMIS database amounting to what is essentially an area census on homelessness.

The count is conducted in January, occurs annually, and is spearheaded by an area’s CoC. Data gathered during the PIT count is submitted to HUD in conjunction with other counts from other CoCs conducted during the same 24-hour period, combining to form the nation’s official statistics on homelessness.

PIT Reports


2017 Subpopulation PIT Report      2017 Veteran PIT Report       2017 Youth PIT Report        2017 Total Population PIT Report

2016 Total Population PIT Report   2016 Subpopulation PIT Report   2016 Youth PIT Report     2016 Veteran PIT Report

2015 Subpopulations PIT Report      2015 Total Persons Report      2015 Veteran PIT Report       2015 Youth PIT Report

2014 Total Persons Report            2014 Veterans PIT Report       2014 Subpopulations PIT Report

2013 PIT Report

2012 PIT Report

2011 PIT Report

2010 PIT Report

2009 PIT Report