Commission on Homelessness and Housing for Volusia & Flagler Counties
Lead Agency: Volusia/Flagler County Coalition for the Homeless
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What is HMIS?
The Coalition is the HMIS Lead Agency for the Commission on Homelessness for the FL 504-Continuum of care for Volusia and Flagler Counties. HMIS provides for a more comprehensive coordination of services across our continuum of care. Participating agencies can view available resources offered through other CoC agencies and make the appropriate referrals in “real time” when services are actually needed. System users can view client information, reducing duplication of efforts by clients and agencies which in turn will improve outcomes for clients and agencies alike. Adequate training, monitoring and oversight of agency users by the HMIS Administrator and other Coalition staff who support HMIS functioning is essential for accurate and complete data entry.

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is an invaluable tool for communities and HUD to develop better information on the nature of homelessness, the number of people experiencing homelessness, the existing patterns in housing programs and services and the effectiveness of programs and services in addressing homelessness. Participation in HMIS is required for programs funded under the McKinney-Vento Act programs as well as State, local and other private funding sources. Without adequate HMIS to support the administration of the database, the whole homeless assistance and housing system is put at risk which may impede if not halting the progress towards achieving HUDs “opening Doors” Strategic Plan to End Homelessness in our Continuum.

In addition, HMIS requirements affect more than the CoC funded programs and the standards are published in a separate regulation (24 CFR part 580) that specifies the minimum requirements. CoC’s must have an HMIS that has the capacity to collect unduplicated counts of individuals and families experiencing homelessness and provide information and provide information to project recipients and applicants for needs analysis and funding priorities. With the inclusion of ESG and other Federal partners like the VA along with State partners that require data entry into HMIS, the need for added capacity becomes apparent in order to be able to use the HMIS to review performance on a systematic basis and in providing ever increasing and immediate services to emergency shelters, street outreach, homeless prevention, transitional housing, permanent housing and other direct services.
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